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do88 Volvo S60 Intercooler Swedish Prestige

VOLVO S60 Performance Intercoolers

This is a self-designed performance intercooler from do88 for an easy drop-in-fitment in your S60 / V60. Significant advantages with do88 ...
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do88 High Performance Intercoolers Swedish Prestige Melbourne

do88 Intercoolers Now in Stock

Complete range of high flow performance intercoolers to fit SAAB, VOLVO, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Porsche including high pressure silicone ...
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Heico Sportiv Melbourne Swedish Prestige

HEICO SPORTIV Melbourne – Home of High Performance for VOLVO

For those with a distinct appreciation for the out-of-the-ordinary, HEICO SPORTIV offers over 400 exclusive products for all current models. ...
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Powerflex Bushes Melbourne Swedish Prestige

Powerflex Bushes Melbourne

Powerflex Bushes Melbourne at Swedish Prestige Improve the handling of your car with Powerflex Bushes. All cars new and old can benefit ...
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VOLVO C30 Swedish Prestige

VOLVO of the Week: 2008 VOLVO C30

Awarding this fantastic 2008 Volvo C30, Volvo of the Week. Fabulous in black, this little 2dr looks stylish inside and out and drives quite nicely ...
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Car of the Week 2005 VOLVO XC90 Swedish Prestige

Car of the Week: 2005 VOLVO XC90

This lovely burgundy 2005 Volvo XC90 caught our eye this week for Volvo of the Week. In fantastic condition, it came in for its routine service! ...
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VOLVO XC90 Diesel Problems

Maintenance Update: VOLVO XC90 Diesel Problems

VOLVO XC90 Diesel Problems Do you have a VOLVO XC90 Diesel that just isn't performing well? The VOLVO XC90 yet mechanically strong, can get ...
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Car of the Week 2009 VOLVO XC60 Swedish Prestige

Car of the Week: 2009 VOLVO XC60

Very well looked after VOLVO XC60 with nearly over 200,000kms on the dial, you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it yourself.
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VOLVO of the Week P1800 Swedish Prestige

VOLVO of The Week: VOLVO P1800

Bringing retro back! many people would remember this car  from the popular TV series "The Saint". This car in it's day turned heads and today ...
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VOLVO of the Week 2010 VOLVO Xc60 Swedish Prestige

VOLVO of the Week: 2010 VOLVO XC60

Celebrating Volvo of the Week with this lovely 2010 Volvo XC60. Stylish, spacious and very nice to drive! This car came in for a service!
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