One of our long time SAAB enthusiast customers has just received some Hirsch Performance Upgrade package on his SAAB 9-5 New Gen.

Currently using this vehicle for his every day car, he was looking to get a bit more oooomfff out of it and we recommend some Hirsch Performance packages to suit.

The Hirsch Performance Upgrades included The Hirsch Computer Software and also the rear exhaust system with new exhaust tips and lower diffuser. Installation was time consuming but the result was more than satisfying.

Since the upgrade, our customer has reported the cars power has improved quite substantially and the sound it makes it is enough to turn pedestrian heads as you pass them by.

Even though Australia has not been fortunate enough to have many of these cars around, It was fantastic to carry out this upgrade, hopefully we will be lucky enough to do some more.

We hope you enjoy the photos we took of the installation.