Saab 9-3 diesels are scheduled to have their cambelt changed every 120,000kms, but we have recently had the water pumps seizing in this model that have done between 60,000 – 80,000kms. The water pump is run by the cambelt, when the pump seizes the cambelt slips and either stretches or breaks.

This causes the camshafts to stop spinning, resulting in damage when the pistons and valves collide. It can be a costly repair requiring the cylinder head to be removed and re-conditioned. Repairs can cost up to $3,000 – $4,000.

We are now amending the schedule to have a cambelt and water pump changed every 60,000kms. If you own one of these models or are looking to buy one and didn’t receive or newsletter then please check when the cambelt was replaced or call us for more advice.