VOLVO XC90 Diesel Problems

Do you have a VOLVO XC90 Diesel that just isn’t performing well? The VOLVO XC90 yet mechanically strong, can get choked up from diesel sludge around 70,000km – 110,000km range.

As every car gets older there is always something new to diagnose or rectify to keep a car going as it should and the XC90 unfortunately isn’t invisible to faults. What we have found within this kilometre range is the diesel engine chokes up on its own soot from the diesel in the air intake system causing a swirl rod to snap and effectively reducing the amount of air coming into the engine and in most cases this will reduce the power of the engine and only allow you to go upto 80kmh whilst the car shows reduced engine performance or Service Engine.

Some clever minds at Swedish Prestige have been able to rectify this fault and restore the diesel and air-intake system by replacing the broken bits and carrying out a fuel system and air-intake clean.

This can be prevented, by carrying out fuel system and air-intake cleans regularly. It isn’t just in VOLVO XC90 Diesel Problems but in all diesel vehicles. It will unfortunately cause issues unless the system is cleaned out during scheduled maintenance. Call us on (03) 9543 6869  to find out if your car could be a victim of this diesel problem.