Is This Volvo?

Inspired by the Swedish outdoor lifestyle and infused with intelligent safety features – the Concept XC Coupé blends ultimate freedom with world-class protection.

Like high-tech sports equipment, it’s as rugged and sophisticated as your active lifestyle demands. It may challenge your view of what Volvo is all about.

With a confident stance and elegant features, this is where clever engineering meets emotional design.

New Volvo Concept XC Coupe Swedish Prestige








New T-shaped DRL light guides, 21-inch wheels, accentuated wheel-arches and a higher roofline all add to the robust impression. With its capability integrated into its sophisticated looks, the Concept XC Coupé is in tune with your life – ready to take you to the adventure zone.

Featuring an improved ultra-hard boron steel safety cage – adding significant strength without extra weight – the Concept XC Coupé is also equipped with the latest safety technologies.

Camera, radar and sensors provide a 360º ‘view’ of pedestrians, cars and other objects – ready to warn you or even put the brakes on. It’s a technological edge that even allows for information sharing between cars. A big step towards a crash-free future.