Volvo’s Most loved family car just got even better!

The new 2014 Volvo XC60 embodies the very best of Volvo’s current developments in design and innovation. A new look, both inside and out, plus the very latest in technological and safety advancements has created the ideal vehicle for you and your family.


  • Striking modern Scandinavian design that moves you
  • Beautiful horizontal lines with elegant clean surfaces
  • New adaptive digital display and instrument cluster
  • Designed around the needs of your family


  • More ground-breaking technology
  • Updated ‘Sensus’ driver control interface
  • Radar-based systems provide additional ‘eyes’ around car
  • Ensures you feel relaxed and in control at all times


  • Intellisafe technologies avoids accidents where possible
  • New optional cyclist and pedestrian detection systems
  • ‘World First’ City Safety now works at speeds up to 50km/h
  • There is no safer car for you and your loved ones


  • Choice of powerful and efficient petrol and diesel engines
  • Polestar optimisation can provide a boost on selected engines
  • Gearshift paddles on steering wheel now available
  • Superior engine performance reduces emissions and costs