BSR’s tuning kits are developed using the most sophisticated test and dyno equipment available.

BSR perform careful measurements of power, acceleration and all main engine parameters. They also perform long term tests of each tuning kit before marketing them. Apart from comprehensive software tuning (Stage 1), BSR also offer high quality air filters and performance exhaust systems (Stages 2 & 3) with matched software, which will further improve the performance of your BSR tuned vehicle.

Why Choose BSR Tunning for your car?

  • BSR develops all software in-house with professional equipment
  • BSR measures power & torque, both before and after tuning
  • BSR measures acceleration times, both before and after tuning
  • BSR publishes power charts/dyno sheets
  • BSR offers quick and professional support


Modifying a vehicles ECU software or output signals for more ‘peak power’ is relatively easy and is the focus of the much of the tuning industry. Many producers and consumers, compare products using this factor alone. BSR is concerned with more than power. We create products with 3 goals in mind;

Smooth Power – Vehicles with a spike of high rev power, but little on offer down low may make great drag cars, but they are tiresome as road cars. With every-day driver enjoyment in mind, BSR’s increased power and torque is delivered smoothly across across the rev range. While we do measure and publish peak power, we also display graphed results and power gains expressed as a percentage, across the rev range.

Economy (via Efficiency) – Power and economy appear at first to be opposing goals, however it is how efficiently power is produced and how it is used by the driver that determine economy. Consider two identical cars in two different states of tune. The first makes optimal use of the energy contained in the fuel, it is efficient and powerful. The second, in a ‘detuned’ state, has different boost, ignition and fuel settings, slightly more fuel passes through unburned, it’s less efficient and less powerful. In a test of economy, the ‘optimal’ car closely follows the ‘detuned’ car 100kms from A to B staying say, 25m behind it at all times. Forced to drive at the same pace, the optimised car will use significantly less fuel. This example shows how an efficiently tuned powerful vehicle may also be more economical, depending upon how it is driven. BSR tunes for efficiency, from there fuel economy is up to the driver.

Reliability – BSR’s over-riding goal is to maintain reliability. Long term reliability is never sacrificed for gains in efficiency or power. As can be seen below, much of the time our engineers spend developing tuning for a vehicle goes into identifying its weakest link. Rather than figuring out where power gains can be made, the engineers first job is to determine the levels that they must not later exceeded.

Achieving these 3 goals is a far more difficult task than that of maximizing peak power alone. It is one that requires the right equipment, rigorous testing, development, skill and experience.

Start by choosing your make below, see what tunning and performance upgrades are available.

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