The Renovo roof restoration kit is a breakthrough in restoring fabric / canvas convertible roof tops.

Often convertible roofs would stretch, sag and become dirty,  due to the elements of the weather. Since Renovo has developed the roof restoration kit, convertible canvas roofs can now be restored back to looking like new. The Renovo roof restoration kit doesn’t just re-colour the roof, but also water proofs it to stop water leaking in through the roof.

The results are amazing, the Renovo roof restoration kit restores roofs back to new. The kit is a 3 part cleaner, dye and sealer.

  • Soft Top Reviver
  • Ultra Proofer
  • Soft Top Canvas Cleaner
  • Plastic Window Polish

The process:

First use the cleaner to clean the roof, paint on the dye to renew the colour and then finish it off with 2 coats of the roof sealer. Its very easy to do, but it’s just time consuming. You have to wait for each stage to be bone dry before applying the next coat.

We definitely rate this product and would recommend it to anyone that wants to prolong the life of their soft top canvas roof.