BMW Wheel Alignment Melbourne – Extend the life of your tyres with a BMW 4 Wheel Laser Alignment. We have the latest and most advanced 4 wheel laser alignment machine with pin point accuracy.

All our BMW 4 wheel laser alignment’s come with before and after printed results so you can see for yourself the difference, but the biggest difference is noticed when driving it in a straight line, this is where the quality of a BMW 4 wheel laser alignment is noticed.

The difference between a 2 wheel laser alignment and a 4 wheel laser alignment; a front wheel laser alignment only aligns the front wheels; a four wheel laser alignment aligns all four wheels.

BMW 4 wheel laser alignments are very important when purchasing new tyres, it’s a good idea because it extends the life of the tyres and possibly improves fuel economy with all 4 wheels going in the same direction with ease instead of drag. You should get your 4 wheel laser alignment or 2 wheel laser alignment every 10,000km’s or every 12months, this will ensure your tyres are all going in the same direction to extend the life of the tyres.

While your BMW is in for a 4 wheel laser alignment, we have on offer, a fleet of 21 complimentary loan cars which can be organised for you if you pre-book ahead of time.

Experience the Swedish Prestige Difference for yourself and find out why we are a BMW 4 wheel laser alignment Specialist. Call (03) 9543 6869