PEUGEOT Major Service can be a big deal if you don’t go to a PEUGEOT Specialist. Our aim is to take all the hassle and worry out of PEUGEOT Major Service and make every service feel easy, smooth and simple.

We carry out all major repairs to PEUGEOT vehicles including:

  • Timing and Drive Belt replacements,
  • Cylinder head gasket replacement,
  • Turbo Charger Replacement,
  • Engine and Cylinder head re-conditioning,
  • Transmission fluid flush,
  • Coil pack and Spark plug replacements,
  • Gearbox and differential replacements
  • Fuel System & Air-Intake Services

When you book your PEUGEOT in for a PEUGEOT Minor Service you still get the full service vehicle check and report which allows us to carry out a full inspection of the car from front to back and top to bottom, this report will let you know the mechanical condition of your car giving you piece of mind.

While your PEUGEOT is in for Service or repairs, we have on offer, a fleet of 21 complimentary loan cars which can be organised for you if you pre-book ahead of time.

Experience the Swedish Prestige Difference for yourself and find out why we are Melbourne’s favourite PEUGEOT Service Specialists.

Call PEUGEOT Service Melbourne (03) 9543 6869