Most people only think to fix their PEUGEOT air-conditioning when summer is around the corner, but in-fact you are also likely to need it when it is raining or when the inside of the car is all fogged up.

At Swedish Prestige, we can carry out all repairs associated with your PEUGEOT Air-Conditioning and Re-gas repairs, including the replacement of your Air-conditioning system compressor, replacement of the receiver dryer, carry out the air-conditioning system clean to prevent foreign objects left in the system that can damage a new air-conditioning system compressor and also re-gas the PEUGEOT air-conditioning system.

Generally when the PEUGEOT air-conditioning needs a re-gas, it means that there is a leak and all the gas is escaping out of the system. We can carry out an air-conditioning system pressure test and analyse where the system leak is coming from and replace any hoses or connectors that are causing the leak.

Not sure if you’re air-conditioning system is cold enough? Call us to get it checked and make sure your air-conditioning is working as efficiently as possible.

While your PEUGEOT is in for a Air-Conditioning Re-Gas and Repairs, we have on offer, a fleet of 21 complimentary loan cars which can be organised for you if you pre-book ahead of time.

Experience the Swedish Prestige Difference for yourself and find out why we are PEUGEOT Air-Conditioning Re-Gas Specialist. Call PEUGEOT Repairs Melbourne (03) 9543 6869