VOLVO Roadworthy Certificates are very important when either buying or selling your VOLVO.

We find that when people bring their new VOLVO for service after just buying it and having a VOLVO roadworthy certification on their new VOLVO, things are missed because the  licenced vehicle tester who carried out the roadworthy were not a VOLVO Roadworthy specialist and didn’t know what to look for.

We carry out a Roadworthy Certification in accordance with Vic roads using Licence Vehicle Tester No. 11390 LV LP. Roadworthy Certificates and Roadworthy inspections are very important when either buying or selling a VOLVO.

To find out about what a roadworthy certificate is, who issues certificates and what is inspected please click the following link

While your VOLVO is in for a Roadworthy Certification, we have on offer, a fleet of 21 complimentary loan cars which can be organised for you if you pre-book ahead of time.

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